Friday, March 21, 2008

Poetry Friday

"The longing for the dance stirs in the buried life." - Stanley Kunitz from, "Touch Me"

The above quote reminded me of some of the poetry I read in Wind in my Pocket by Ellen Bryan Obed. Illustrated by Shawn Steffler.This is an older book but still well worth the read.

She is newly discovered for me. Sometimes, when I'm short on time, I walk into the library, head for the children's poetry section and randomly pull out several books I have not read yet. Then I leave and wait for the surprise when I get home. Well the Wind In My Pocket was a nice surprise. Her tribute says:

for the children of
and the Quebec North Shore

and for my uncle
Robert A. Bryan
who first introduced me to them

Her poetry is written in rhyme, soft heartfelt rhyme. The art is colourful, and filled with children in relationship with family, friends, weather and life.
I had many favourites in this book but I chose the following, even this s the first day of spring!

Winter Journey
Ellen Bryan Obed

In goose-down fields
we leave our tracks
while black-crow cliffs
look down our backs.
Over porcupine hills
we make our way
to the red fox sun
on the side of day.

Elaine at Wild Rose Reader as the Poetry Friday roundup today.

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