Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life's Decisions

"Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process." ~ Anne Wilson Schaef

Today, my quote is about life rather than poetry as that is what has been happening in my much so I have had little time to write, other than personal poems...which by the way gets me through my life. With my current situation of being a care giver to my husband and my youngest very high needs son my writing time is limited, so....

I am in the process of prioritizing my writing and have found that blogging, both reading and writing them, and dealing with emails, takes up far too much of the free time I have allocatied for writing. In other words, I am getting very little 'real writing' know the kind that potentially can earn me money and/or recognition.

So... I am going to be doing less blogging, less constantly checking emails, and reading other blogs...Starting tomorrow I will focus on my 'real writing' projects and get lots of things submitted... :>)...including additional intro packages to educational publishers and other poetry and fictional work.

Oooh...I feel elated about this process. Have you ever noticed that the process of making a decision is the difficult part...actually making the decision is the peaceful and exciting part!!!!

I will be blogging, just not as often...only as time permits, and I will be keeping track of my writing time on slimtimer and posting weekly on my writing blog...time permitting, of course ;>)

See ya' around...yee haw!!!!

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