Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Peace Poems

A smile is the beginning of peace.~~ Mother Teresa

You may have already seen the letter below floating amongst writers blogs regarding the gathering of peace poems. Please feel free to participate and help in your own way to bring peace into your life and others, as well as help Judy reach her goal.

Here are my poetic contributions, one is an acrostic and the other a diamante

Essence of
Cradled for

fearful, hostile
struggling, battling, conforming
bloodshed, survival, tranquility, freedom
understanding, accepting, embracing
harmonious, serene

Dear Family and Friends of mine,
Peace and love are on my mind now all day, everyday...Do you remember the story of Sadako the little girl who died as the result of the Hiroshima bombing? Her goal was to fold 1,000 origami cranes before she died, an act of hope and
peace. She died before she finished, but since then, children from all over the world continue to send thousands of colorful peace cranes to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. Thus, they show their support and faith.

I traveled for two weeks in November with Patch Adams and 25 other clowns on their 24th annual humanitarian clowning trip to Russia. We visited sick or abandoned children in hospitals, orphanages and home hospices, clowning and sharing love, laughter and peace.

Action: I am gathering poems, quotes and prose pictures about peace* from writers around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, published or not. They will be arranged in a book, the proceeds of which will go exclusively toward building in West Virginia, the world's first silly hospital, a proto-typical model of health care delivery. See www.PatchAdams.org; Patch Adams: Gesundheit (Patch Adams & Maureen Mylander); Housecalls (Patch Adams).

This one-of-its-kind hospital will treat patients free of charge using the most modern medical technology and alternative methods including humor, drama, art, music, playful architecture and old fashioned family-doctoring. There will be no insurance required or accepted.

Arnold Adoff, Maya Angelou, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Zilpha Keatley Synder and Jane Yolen have already contributed their poems. Honor Moore will help. I have asked the Obama Family, Patch Adams, Robin Williams and Shel Silverstein’s publishers to participate in 1,000 pieces of peace. Would you please join us?

What: send one or more peace pieces *
When: DEADLINE: March 30
Where: judy.fisk.lucas@gmail.com
Why: To do something for peace

Thank you from the center of my heart,
Judy Lucas, M.A.
SCBWI Member & CSUCI writing student
Camarillo, CA

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